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Using the command line utility

Accepts 4 parameters

All parameters should be strings

Paramater and value delimited by :

Refer to this url for language codes: (note, not all supported by bing. Check whether the language is listed in the app's drop-down in windows form mode before using)

Full, absolute path to the source RESX file. Including the file itself

2 character culture code for the source/from RESX file ... en, fr, de etc

2 character culture code for the languages the strings should be translated to ... en, fr, de etc

Your personal Azure Microsoft Translator Client ID. get from

The client secret associated to your Azure ClientID

How To: Create a Azure Data Market account and application for Microsoft Translator

Example (translates an English RESX to Japanese):
"c:\Microsoft.MCSUK.RESXTranslator.exe" /PathToSourceRESX:"c:\Resources.resx" /FromCulture:"en" /ToCulture:"ja" /ClientID:"put your Client ID here" /ClientSecret:"put your Client Secret here"

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