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Creating an account for Microsoft Translator

Microsoft Translator is a service on Azure that translates texts between large amounts of languages. This is a billed service, yet it comes with a number of pricing plans of one which allows translating 2.000.000 characters for free per month.

Unfortunately the creation of the access credentials on Azure market is not as simple as it was before with the Bing ID. After all, the higher requirements to billing lead to a more complex and subscription model.

In a company there will typically be one billing account created for multiple service subscriptions and “applications”. This chapter walks through the process of creating an account on the Microsoft Data Market and creates an “application” on top of the Microsoft Translator service. This “application” delivers a Client ID and Client secret that are needed in order to use the resx translation tool.

1. In order to use the ResX translation tool for Microsoft Translator you needs to get an account on the Azure Data Market with your Microsoft Live ID.

2. After logging into the Azure Data Market (ADM), subscribe to the Microsoft Translator Service.

3. While you are still logged into the ADM you need to create an “application” on top of this service in order to use the service in the ResxTranslator tool. Go the developer application registration at You might need to paste the address into the Address window of your WEB browser.
Press the green “Register” button in order to create a new application.

4. Enter Information like below and press create.

This will create your application for Resx translation:

Please note the “Client ID” and the “Client Secret” from above you will need to enter into the RESX Translator.

5. Start Resx Translator and enter this information

After pressing the “Save” button, the tool will try to connect the service and load all available languages. Some error messages are expected, for languages which cannot be mapped as a valid culture in Windows for software localization purpose.

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Baldman Feb 18, 2013 at 11:35 AM 
This doesnt work. All the buttons are greyed out after hitting save.

Any suggestions?